Friday, December 7, 2007



The morning I was landing in Milan, ready for a concert which was going to receive big media attention - my stomach starts rumbling & the terrible feeling of food poisoning starts creeping in. That mozzarella salad I ate in a restaurant the day before was the most probable culprit!

The plane landed in Milan at 8.30 am.
The concert and event scheduled at 3pm.

We planned on visiting Milan on this cold & wintery day and meeting the PANGEA team right in the center of town inside the Ottagono, the center of the historical Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

Instead, the food poisoning kept getting worse. I must say I have never been so sick with my stomach.

Now, you must understand that I have played gigs with a high fever, severe colds and even with a broken finger!

But in those scenarios it pretty much depends on your own will to give it and go and do your best.

But when you've got, er... food poisoning there's not that much you can actually control. And certain things are just not nice when there's live TV reports on the gig. I could just imagine the heading "Pianist tosses cookies on air" Gross. :)

Anyhoo - at the last second i felt a lot better and I rushed in the Gallery, improvising at the piano for about an hour and a half.

There were lots of people and it was a great event for PANGEA. Things worked out. But let me tell you what a suffering it all was!

In any case, here's the YouTube video containing some of the pictures I took of Milan and a video from Milan fan Anna who took a short clip of one of my improvisations at this event, right before a small break.

PS - I think that piece you hear works well and have decided to elaborate on it and
include it in my new CD!

Ciao a tutti!


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