Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So it's that time of my life where I need a new car.

Not necessarily new but you know what I mean - a new set of wheels that will take me from point A to point B without dying on me.

I've set my eyes on the TOYOTA PRIUS, a car with a hyrid engine (Gas+electric).
Below 30 km/h (about 20 mph) it runs completely on the electric engine. Above that, it combines the power of both worlds with the ultimate result that you can drive a car at a normal fast speed with extremely low emissions. I like the idea of that.

Which leads us to the conspiracy theory for the TOYOTA PRIUS:
does TOYOTA really want to sell these vehicles or is it just a mask to show "green" people that they're doing something about caring for the Earth?

Let me explain - This car has been around since 1997, according to TOYOTA's website. Personally, I've heard about it just now that I'm looking into cars. And since I've learnt of its existence I've seen probably 2 of them in Rome. I hope that in the USA it's being publicized more - other than by Leonardo DiCaprio

Here in the Eternal city there have been NO ads/billboards to advertise this vehicle. Frankly, the car is ugly as can be (looks like a mix between a suppository and a missile) and it doesn't have any luxury finishing inside if someone was looking to go for a more sophisticated look. Sound stupid?

How about I tell you that in all of Rome (and Rome is a huge city with 7 million people living in it!) there are at least 7 official TOYOTA dealers and believe it or not - only one PRIUS available for test drives. Multiple RAV's (Beautiful Jeeps), YARIS (city car) & AURIS (bigger city car) etc... but only one PRIUS.

I discovered this by going to a TOYOTA dealership near me and asking for a test drive. They told me that the car was with a dealer on the other side of the city. So I call the day after to book the test drive and they told me that the car is yet at a different dealer. I call this other one and they say they don't have it. I drive in front of the previous one - and - there it is, parked in the dealership's driveway. But of course you have to book a test drive in advance so... Will have to wait until saturday.

So I really wonder - does TOYOTA want us - me - to buy an eco-friendly car?

Don't think so!