Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome the stupendous, sexy iPhone

One week ago I received a fantastic, unexpected anniversary gift - a 16GB APPLE iPHONE.

It came as a huge surprise since this amazing piece of technology isn't even officially present on the italian market until July 11, 2008.

Sure, sure - the new 3G model is coming out in a few weeks. But you guys know what?

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

I'm the worst person to give gifts to... (But I love to give them - go figure)But my wife surprised me completely. It's a pity that the video clip of me opening up my package wasn't saved - you would have loved to watch my mouth drop!

Back to the baby - This phone is an amazing piece of technology. And it's sexy too!

It takes a little getting used to, since there are no keys at all you just tip tap...
That is, you can tap, scroll (up and down) and pinch. Pinching the screen will allow you to, say, zoom in or out on a photograph or web page.

You can then download applications and games specifically developed for a keypad-less device.
Playing Tetris is addicting and good fun.

And of course, 16GB is a lot of space to put your favourite music on the go to listen with nice, easy fitting stereo earphones.

Very cool! Steve Jobs & Susie Calcatelli strike again!

Now I just have to figure out how to get ring tones in there!


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