Thursday, July 3, 2008


It's true that living and working in a huge, disorganized city like Rome has lots of cons.
When I say lots, I mean LOTS!

One spends entire hours each day stuck in traffic, fighting with companies and organizations that have no customer service values, and often working against a system and government which seems to do all it can to make life complex and tough.

But then all is forgotten whenever you go to center of Rome - a moment where you seem to travel back in time to a peaceful, quiet world that has a simplicity that we who live in the jungle city are not accustomed to anymore.

Last Saturday morning my wife & I went in the Trastevere area of Rome along with our friend Jemimah. We had a delicious cornetto & Cappuccino breakfast and saw the most amazing little stores, views and scenarios. It was almost like being kicked back to the golden 1950/60s... Nothing can quite describe the little old man , in full array, alone on the Piazza in front of a vintage car waiting for an eternal date to show up... (The bright sunshine almost makes it look like a ghost! LOL) the churches, cobblestones and bancarelle (stands that sell fruit)....

The result is inspiring t o say the least... My mind writes two melodies for every word I speak whenever I'm in 'normal' mode...

But when you see images like these, creativity is kicked up to new levels. For me, it was a very proficient morning. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves now (click them for large view). You'll hear what was going on in my mind soon enough when I record my new CD. For the timebeing you can look at the post-it note I wrote out (above) to jot down the music thought I had. (It's only a Post-It note, but Copyright is mine so please don't use it for any music work or creative project without consunlting me... bla bla bla)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Have you ever had something you loved not fit in your house or apartment?

So... I'm in the process of moving houses.
In Italy, you can't really say that you're just... "moving".

It's a PROCESS and a lenghty one too!

I was out of my house mid-April and it was supposed to be a smooth move-out-and-straight-in to the new place.


My wife & I are still camping, as it were... should be in, in about 3 weeks. The builder didn't have necessary permits, delays on the construction site... you name it!

Whenever it was time to move out, however, I decided to trade in my 15 year old piano in exchange for a new one (please read: a slightly less older one! :)

The piano on which I studied thousands of hours and that I literally played away had given its all - it was time to part with an old friend and find a something new for my new home studio.

I made the the piano store people go crazy! I thought I found a good piano but then I didn't like it anymore.

Eventually I found a YAMAHA U3X - a great sound and a powerful grand-like tone to it. I understand it's a different type of piano as the back has big wooden X to hold the structure up.

To cut a long story short, the piano movers came to deliver the piano last week and suprise surprise - it didn't fit the stairs!


Of course i sort of argued with them because they were convinced it wouldn't even fit even before trying. Instead I measured it with my hand and it was 3 hands deep and the stairs were 4.5 hands deep.
(My hand measures about 23cm - you do the math!)

Then they said it would never make it past the stair bend.

So they left.

In any case, since I have to have that piano, I asked the piano store to dismantle it so we try bringing it up in pieces.

Nothing is easy, is it? I thought I could have played my head off after being pianoless for such a long time (can you say pianoless?) and instead...nada!

Coming up within the next few days will be a YouTube video on my last impromptu on the old piano!

See you soon!