Thursday, July 10, 2008


Here's the pictures of the piano delivery. If you recall, it was a big upright YAMAHA UX3 that had to be dismantled to fit up the stairs... I had to turn the scene into a comic strip... Enjoy!
(P.S. Click on the picture if if it's too small! :D)

BTW - I couldn't play the piano because the hammers were blocked! AHHHH!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I haven't seen it with my eyes - yet!
But according to my wife's latest report, the piano is upstairs in my studio room.

If you remember from past blogs, after trading in my 14 year old piano I opted for a new vertical - New as in - used but in better shape than mine!

I now am the proud owner of a YAMAHA U3X.

It's a revisitation of the typical U3 (YAMAHA's flagship professional upright piano) with a twist - actually with a big "X" shape at the back.

The sound is really good, and has a grand-like quality to it.

I hard a really tough time finding something that I liked - lots of upright pianos have a nice sound to them, but I found none that had amazing sounds.

The music store people started hating me since I didn't make my mind up... But I wasn't ready to settle for something I wouldn't be proud to record with and that could back up my playing.

Many of the YAMAHAs had a very weak bass - a characteristic that I can't ignore as strong basses find a good place in my playing & composition!

It took me two months of finding this piano. (And the music store people increased their hatred towards me!)

Was scared to death when the movers who came to deliver it said it was too big to fit up the stairs and went away with it. So I had it dismantled, delivered and put back together.

This evening I'll have a chance to try it out. And will of course document it with some pictures!

Until then, Arrivederci

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