Saturday, April 4, 2009


Dear all - blog subscribers & newcomers:

First - thanks if you have subscribed to my blog via my site at

The program I use to manage the notifications you receive has been acquired by GOOGLE and unfortunately there seems to be a technical glitch for which I've been trying to get some assistance for the last 4 months - without success.

(It seems like the bigger Google gets, the less they help their customers! Maybe we're all becoming just numbers & statistics in their eyes!)

At this point, I need to setup a new account with this company that will allow future people to subscribe to my posts. I'll therefore need you to email me at so I can manually transfer your email on my new account. (I could ask you to register again when it's up, but I offer to do the nitty-gritty work for you!)

When you write to me, I'll send you a free solo piano MP3 download immediately in reply.

As simple as that, no strings attached.

It's my way of apologizing - in behalf of GOOGLE!

Ciao & talk soon on


P.S. Of course if you are reading this blog for the first time you can email me as well and receive your free track! :)

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Friday, April 3, 2009


LOL, I spent two funny hours this evening!

I was excited to be one of the first to order Bob Baker's new book "55 ways to promote & sell your book on the internet". He's launching it in a new, creative way and I wanted to be one of the first order (you gets lots of freebies too!)

So much for that!

I was on my way back home and was stuck in the worst traffic jam I have yet seen in Rome.
I literally stayed 2 hours stuck in traffic near the airport without moving a single mile! I then decided to pull out my glorious iPhone and of course at the outskirts of Rome... THERE IS NO CONNECTION! DUUH!

I then found a feeble signal, connected to the link via Bob's Tweeter post and right when I was checking out... the signal takes off like the airplane flying over my head!

I ran back to the office (since it's clear I was going nowhere for the next two hours) and ordered it online.

All the technology.... & no signal.



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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Had the chance to spend some time in POSITANO, a lovely city along the Amalfi coast (Naples, Italy) after a medical appointment for my wife.

I had 40 minutes to literally buzz through the village with my camera and catch some of its lovely spirit.

I felt like I took a plunge back in time - it must have been great to be a wealthy American back in the 50s and live in Positano.

I met a lovely old lady who offered me some coffee - and figured that these people live to a ripe old age because they do something that today is becoming rare: THEY WALK! They walk up and down steps so steep they would give you a heart attack!

Also, life expectancy is longer when, although poor, you have breath-taking views of the Mediterranean crystal blue Sea.

Useless to say, my brain was intoxicated with sights smells & sounds that turned into music. Here's some of the views.

Ahh... the pleasures of living in Italy!

Enjoy & Ciao!


(Click picture to enlarge)

"Upper Positano"

"Black beach, blue water"

"Working - Italian style"

"Welcome to Positano"

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I felt bad while I was thinking that - between one difficulty & another, between one health issue after another - my new CD slipped it's original production schedule a few times too many.

But then I recalled that Failure - however you personally like to define it - is part of the recipe for success.

Watch this video - it lasts a little over 8 minutes, but it's well worth it!