Wednesday, July 1, 2009


And just as they started, they ended...

Our holidays have come & gone.

But boy were they memorable.

Our road trip of 4296 Kilometres (i.e. 2700 miles) took us from Italy to France via Switzerland, passing through all sorts of unforgettable sceneries: from sea-level all the way to 3883 meters in altitude; from snowy mountain peaks to hidden crypts deep below the ground; from tranquil, garden-like paradises to the sounds & noises of century-old metropolitan carriages...

We walked over majestic glaciers and in mysterious forests; strolled across beautifully chaotic cities and through eerie empty villages; relaxed at sunsets over river bends and dreamed with sunrises over ancient fortresses; climbed ancient rocks and stared at age-old horizons.

We gazed at the genius of mankind through strokes of paint and carvings in stone; marvelled at the creativity of a single ink line that turns into a breathing image; and we remembered where it all comes from.

We crossed bridges (paying high toll fees...) and flat roads (with even higher toll fees...) and drove across white roads through corn fields (free - no fee!).

We sped through the night chasing lightning; glided during the day trying to capture the light; gazed at the clouds when blindingly white and threateningly black; dangled at the mercy of the winds over the emptiness below us and jumped high in the air before getting our tired feet back on the ground.

We laughed. We talked. We thought. We dared. We created. We loved. - We lived.


Not bad in two weeks time, right?


The coast at Etretat, in Normandy (France)

Bend of the Seine - Les Andelys, France

Nympheas at Monet's Garden - Giverny, France

Menacing cloud - Somewhere in France

Majestic MatterHorn - Zermatt, Switerland

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