Monday, September 28, 2009

avantGRAND - A new piano by YAMAHA

Right when you thought that "everything-under-the-sun" status was reached by the glorious pianoforte, you discover that genious engineers of YAMAHA invented a hybrid piano with a very cool name: AvantGrand.

As you may already know from previous blog posts, I'm a huge YAMAHA piano fan. So I thought this news was really cool. Many people I've recently spoken to look down on Japanese grands, hailing German brands at a much higher level.

From the piano's official site comes this great statement: "Rather than designing from a standpoint of what a piano must be, we gave priority to looking at what it could be, searching for the kind of instrument that would suggest a new direction for the piano".

Japan demonstrates once again that it's way ahead in the game of re-thinking of innovation. Look at the TOYOTA PRIUS

There's sound samples on the site, but I think it would be great fun to test it out to its limits.

Hmmm.... Japan - here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I'm told that one of the two models costs a whopping $19,000 (less than a CFIII Concert grand, though)

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