Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everything you do becomes a statistic

WORLDMETERS.INFO is a cool website that keeps track of world statistics updated in real time. Sort of, at least.

The site works with a complex algorithm that processes the latest statistics available from reliable data sources (which include several UN agencies, the World Bank and more) and creates an estimated progression which is displayed on swhirling counters.

As of this writing then, 120,080 babies were born today. 120,165 now. No... 120,241...
Ahh! Where are all these babies coming from?!?!?

On the other hand, 52, 611 people have died.

The "SOCIETY & MEDIA" section includes several interesting numbers like new books published this year (823,930), Email messages sent today (A number that my secular education doesn't permit me to identify) and several others.

Other interesting stats comes under the "ENVIRONMENT"heading which picks upthe tons of CO2 emissions this year, species that have gone extinct this year (number is fortunately still at 113,789) and forestable land lost.

Check it out. I guess it's a simple reminder that anything you do (or don't do) has some indirect implications on this Earth, which will eventually impact some statistic or another.

Seeing these numbers makes me happy I chose a PRIUS and that my next CD will be published on Ecological Recycled paper. Register on my site to find out when it'll be out!



P.S. Sounds like a joke but as I finish this blog, the world just flushed the toilet more than 7 billion times this month. And yes numbers are accuratly based on... (it's NOT a joke!!!) the WTO - the World Toilet Organization! :)

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