Friday, December 17, 2010


Hi to all,

If you've read some of my recent posts or are following me on Facebook, you'll know that I had an accident and am stuck in bed for the next two months without the ability to move.

The accident happened in Dubai airport while en route to Auckland, New Zealand. That's where I was supposed to put the finishing touches to the project and record it.

The CD has been long overdue so I was really looking forward to getting it out there for you. The music will be explosive, dynamic, energizing and inspiring. A little different from the "very relaxing" you may have come to know. I'm proud to have found my "sound" and honestly look forward to letting you hear it.

Here are some of the titles:

"The choice to fight"
"Eternal city"
"Ancient Tale"

"Pensiero, Azione" (Thought, Action)



"Winter skies"

and several more.

Well, I hope you at least like the titles! :)

I'm trying to set myself up with a mini keyboard and get you some new orchestral music. In fact, on my Facebook page you can even suggest some titles and I'll put them to music.

Take care for now & thanks for your support!



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