Friday, July 9, 2010


Couldn't sleep last night so I started browsing through some old print outs and found a couple of interesting quotes I got from interviews posted on years ago.

Talking about his time in the Oingo Boingo rock band, Danny Elfman (Spiderman, Edward Scissorhands etc.) recalls: "The rock band gave me the arrogance to follow my own instinct, whether I failed or not. I'm grateful for that attitute, because it's the fear of failure that makes mediocrity. And without fearing that, I was able to find my own voice."

And here are a three interesting quotes from an old interview Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Angels & Demons, Sherlock Holmes etc.) did for Apple:

"I have to be able to say something through the music. Otherwise it's not worth doing."
"The first few movies I worked on, inevitably everything I did was thrown out. And then less would be thrown out, and then it got better. I don't know how I got better understanding of the language of film. It wasn't anything anybody could teach me. You just instinctively get control over such a beast and learn how to speak it's language."
"There is less talent out there than I thought there was. I thought there were millions of people who were absolutely gorgeously brilliant and just were never listened to. But in my own subjective way of listening to thousands of demos, I came back more with the impression that there isn't really that much talent out there."

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